City lawsuit puts Federal oversight of police reform on hold.
Click above to read Court Order, dated 14 December 2016.

In October 2016, the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division here found the City of Portland, Oregon non-compliant with a 2014 plea deal to remedy illegal use of force by police. Former partner Roger David Hardesty had prompted the position. (See DoJ: Plead that Plea Deal Sanctions are Binding) Community partners, led by the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform (here) urged the same conclusion: the City is not complying with Section IX. Community Engagement and Creation of Community Oversight Advisory Board (COAB).

COAB was loosely based on Consult Hardesty’s reform oversight model, a Civilian Compliance & Reform Authority. COAB was never presented opportunity to meet with police command staff nor conduct public Town Hall meetings, as provided for in the plea deal. Before placing the body on hiatus, the City never entertained a single suggestion brought forth by citizen volunteers. In addition, the City has for 18 months not convened a Community Police Relations Committee, tasked with implementing a 2009 Police Plan to Address Racial Profiling (for which Consult Hardesty ably advocated passage). The City’s Human Rights Commission and Committee on Disabilities have failed to perform as assigned. The City and police continue to roll out policy without following defined protocols to make it available in draft stage, while still under consideration. (See Amend Police Union Contract.)

Sadly, the Judge and City seem to narrow in on COAB deficiencies. The DoJ found many failures in the reform effort: in Section IX and elsewhere. The current City plan, to replace COAB with a non-public body, does not remedy the perpetrator’s failure to initiate a transparent environment, or engage the community in police reform.

In the above, Judge Simon orders that police reform oversight be suspended until the Ninth Circuit Court resolves the City’s Petition. He also corrects falsehoods offered by Portland’s Commissioners, as they approved legal appeal of Judge Simon’s authority … to prompt the parties to propose plans to achieve compliance.

DoJ 'Noncompliant' label from 2016 status report.

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