Consult Hardesty observed a considerable police presence rush to the scene as a dozen white officers converged on a pair of African American men, frisked them, thoroughly searched their persons and sought to identify them in police databases. 

But the Hardestys were not idle.

Roger David Hardesty photographed the unfolding event. More images in photostream.

Jo Ann Hardesty reported her findings to the press. 600 words, here.

One of the victims, a recording artist under contract and with a product now in the marketplace, reported to us this is the second time Portland Police have detained him. He indicated that, for him, it was more expedient to comply than to press for the civil protections against warrantless search guaranteed him by the U.S. Constitution.

Community Policing Requires Community Involvement

Jo Ann Hardesty calls police action to account, disputes reference to policy.

12 white officers converge on 2 persons of color.

12 white officers converge on 2 persons of color.