From print to radio & television. We are committed to effective messaging, as part of concerted campaign planning. With strategy based on the partners’ combined experience, your mission will benefit from effective and sophisticated use of media.

From the mic to the megaphone is a training package, readily replicable for new audiences.

Oregon Senate Testimony

Oregon Senate Judiciary testimony, in favor of three bills we introduced, intended to improve police accountability state-wide.

Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard at KBOO.fm

Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard at KBOO.fm

Speaking Truth to Power

2 April 2012 – Jo Ann Hardesty calls public attention to injustice.

The effective use of media helps advance the mission.

Partner Jo Ann Hardesty is former President of Portland Community Media; Roger David Hardesty honed visual communications talents in print, broadcast television and multimedia production. Combined, their media use strategies benefit from years spent in content provision and broadcast administration.