In June, 2013, police accountability advocate Fred Bryant responded to an invitation to address ‘Fight Back!  – Families & Communities Against Police Terror, From Coast to Coast.’ His was one of the ‘Voices of Resistance‘ at Manhattan’s Riverside Church, “where Harlem and the Upper West Side meet.”

After fully investing himself for three years … to get justice for his son, Keaton Otis, killed by Portland Police … Fred spoke on behalf of families & communities struggling against police terror.

Fred died in October, 2013.

When the Spirit House Project wanted someone to speak on Keaton’s homicide, it would be Fred’s 22-year old daughter, Alyssa Bryant, who answered the call.

This news release will give readers a sense of the Bryant’s years-long, tenacious pursuit of justice … as the family makes plans to host a fourth memorial service honoring Keaton Otis.


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