DoJ: Plead that Plea Deal Sanctions are Binding

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Don’t Shoot Portland mounted sustained, civil actions in September-October 2016, contending #BlackLivesMatter. Portland, Oregons’s lame duck Mayor in that timeframe revealed he’d been in long-term, secret negotiations with the Portland Police Association, to prematurely bargain for bounties and salary increases. The resulting contract included no actual reform to historic police misconduct. City failure to prevail in oversight remains unaddressed.


Agitators objected to being repeatedly excluded from City Council testimony as the bargain emerged from back-room deal to swift passage by Council. After passage, many were injured by physical force, and deployment of Sabre Red chemical weaponry by Portland Police. An activist member of the Medical Team enjoined Consult Hardesty: she hoped we’d help expand her call for victims to file complaint, via the DoJ web interface.


We know there’s a larger picture. Portland is already under Federal observation, for compliance following a 2014 plea agreement to reform policing. We’ve been intimately involved since the investigation phase.


We above reproduce former Consult Hardesty Minority Partner, Roger David Hardesty’s submission to the DoJ. He then distributed that text to the Assistant Attorney General responsible for the DoJ’s Civil Rights Division … and a DoJ legal team, that has, since 2013, produced Findings of unconstitutional policing; and is to oversee a plea deal, negotiated with a prior Mayoral administration of the City of Portland.


If you were wounded by police, or had your free speech rights curtailed, you are asked to make report at the above communications form. The DoJ called Portland’s locally based complaint-handling scheme our “self-defeating accountability system.” (Image below.) Feel free to participate in it here.

Image from DoJ Findings

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