Jo Ann Hardesty will speak at two upcoming events. It has been a busy first quarter.

A Community Response to Police Violence

Sunday, 11 May – 11:30am-1:00pm Portland State University
Smith Memorial Student Union Building, Room 323
1825 Southwest Broadway, Portland, OR 97201
Free, open to the public & disability affirmative!


Know Your Rights: Understanding the Impacts of Racial Profiling in Our Community

Friday, 23 May – 6:00-7:30pm, Portland Community College
Cascade Campus, Terrell Hall, Room 100
705 N Killingworth Portland OR, 97211

In addition to preparing lead-off testimony for two days of Federal hearings, Consult Hardesty has been active on college campuses. Since the beginning of the year, Jo Ann Hardesty has spoken at Southern Oregon University, Portland State University’s School of Social Work, Concordia University and Portland Community College. These engagements arose as a result of Jo Ann’s address, Understanding The New Jim Crow, at Opening Eyes in a Colorblind World, gratis for the student-led Oregon Students of Color conference.

Leadership development is one of our more satisfying missions.

Closing the circle, Jo Ann and former Oregon Senators Margaret Carter and Avel Gordly were honored at I, Too, Am America. Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia recently completed her residency at Oregon Health Sciences University … to become one of only two African American, women psychiatrists in the state. Moreland-Capuia credited Jo Ann for encouraging her to “stay in school” and “aim high.”

For her long-term community service, Jo Ann became the 70th Diamond Ambassador’ of Portland’s Vancouver Avenue Baptist Church … the only Oregon congregation to have been addressed by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

See excerpts from her Nov 2013 panel presentation on The New Jim Crow HERE.

Understanding the New Jim Crow