US District Judge Michael Simon asked Portlanders what features would make for a most successful Fairness Hearing, as he decides whether to approve an agreement between the City of Portland and the US Dept of Justice, Civil Rights Division, to remedy Findings that Portland Police engage in unconstitutional behavior.

Described here are elements we have envisioned, to increase the likelihood that victims of unconstitutional police practices will be able to advocate as to whether this agreement is indeed a remedy of civil rights violations. 3 pages here:

Consult Hardesty for Successful, Accessible Court Hearing

26 Sep 2012 - Roger David Hardesty testifies as to features of a DoJ agreement.

26 Sep 2012 – Roger David Hardesty testifies as to features of a DoJ agreement.

One thought on “Features that will Increase the Success of a Public Hearing

  1. The Strength of a Coalition
    “On February 19, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon ruled that the AMA Coalition for Justice and Police Reform can participate in mediation with the City of Portland, the Department of Justice and the Portland Police Union to address a settlement agreement on police reforms. The AMA Coalition sought to participate in the suit on the ground that the settlement agreement reached by the City of Portland and the Department of Justice was not strong enough to effectively address problems with Portland Police use of force. In response to the AMA’s motion to intervene, Judge Simon granted the AMA coalition a seat at the negotiating table, recognizing that the AMA Coalition has done extensive community outreach and has an important perspective that should be heard.”
    More here.

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