The Partners at Consult Hardesty joined the City Club of Portland with the specific intent of helping promote their participation in community-wide police accountability efforts.

On 19 November, we were asked to influence their choice of topic for their next research project. 

Read our response, here:

Consult Hardesty Charges City Club with Study on Police Oversight Structures.

We feel this is an important document, as it describes the timeliness of a call for greater police accountability, but in that it also gives an indication of the breadth of work that has been offered for consideration over the years.

Includes links to a 2010 report by the City’s Police Oversight Stakeholder Committee (ignored the Mayor, in favor of a position taken by City attorneys, Portland Police and their union), as well as a City Club study on race relations with Portland Police, circa 1968.

City Club of Portland

3 thoughts on “City Club Prodded

  1. City Club query from a Portland Human Rights advocate. You can tell she knows how to implement policy!

    How can Portland devise and implement a sustainable police oversight and accountability system with the following characteristics:

    1) all of its parts (i.e. committees, bureaus, community organizations, participating federal and local gov’t actors) work cohesively and competently

    2) it is an independent body able to see that officers are held accountable for misconduct

    3) it keeps comprehensive record of complaints; this system and record keeping to serve as tool for department evaluation, including identifying patterns and problems with policies or supervision

    4) it considers cultural, social, historical and economic factors in order to serve community members most vulnerable and targeted by police brutality.

    5) trust can be developed among community members, especially those most vulnerable and targeted, in the reliability of its process

  2. On 14 Feb 2014, City Club offered ‘Policing the Police,’ as a Friday Forum. No one disclosed that the moderator, Brian Renauer, takes funds from the Police Bureau to sway public opinion. When this crony asked the Chief, at a forum on police accountability, how to give officer commendations, we realized the intellectual dishonesty of the whole affair.

    See the video here. Jo Ann Hardesty was the first City Club Member to ask a question. Someone edited her out. We’re working to find out the protocols for erasing her from the public record.

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