Oral Testimony Federal Fairness Hearing, USA v City of Portland, Feb 2014

2014 testimony in Federal Fairness Hearing, on plea deal to remedy illegal use of force by police in Portland, Oregon.
Click above to read 200-page transcript of testimony, delivered 18 & 19 February 2014.

Of the twenty or so Settlement Agreements negotiated nation-wide by the US Department of Justice, to remedy unconstitutional police practices, Portland Oregon’s is unique … for a 2014 Federal Fairness Hearing. Proposed remedy to Findings of illegal conduct went before Judge Michael Simon in the US District Court for Oregon: he was required to establish whether a proposed plea deal was “fair, reasonable and just.”
Pg. 37: “COAB came about specifically from a suggestion by one of the community members here today from Hardesty Consulting,” as we were then known. (Testimony of Jonas Geissler, Senior Trial Attorney, Civil Rights Division, US DoJ; referenicing a Community Oversight Advisory Board, based on our model for a Civilian Compliance & Review Authority.)

Community organizing and pre-event planning with the Court, by Consult Hardesty, produced overflow public participation. Judge Simon allowed the partners to lead public testimony. (See pp. 123-143.)

HERE is JoAnn Hardesty’s written testimony.

HERE is Roger Hardesty’s written testimony.

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